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ABA AWARDS | Best Amplifiers of 2023!

Time stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:31 Cambridge Audio CXA61
3:46 Fosi Audio V3
6:02 Atoll IN300
7:58 Audiolab 7000A
9:55 Musical Fidelity A1
11:54 Accuphase E280
13:35 Moor Amps Angel Pre & Angel 4
15:14 NVA P50SA & M600
17:13 Outro

NVA P50SA & M600

Atoll IN300

In 2023, I assessed the biggest and most varied team of amplifiers given that beginning this network. Which ones are the most effective?

Fosi Audio V3

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Moor Amps Angel Pre & Angel 4

Relevant evaluations:
Cambridge Audio CXA61

Accuphase E280

Music Fidelity

Audiolab 7000A