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Darko’s ‘Best of 2023’

This episode is given you by Marantz:

Cam: John Darko/ Olaf von Voss
Editor: John Darko
Colour: Olaf von Voss
Movement GFX: John Darko
Advertisement sector: Jana Dagdagan

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0:00 Intro
0:33 Electronic songs
2:06 Room therapies
4:59 Portable sound
6:37 Dynamic variety
7:40 Touchscreens
8:41 What regarding songs?
9:45 Streaming difficulties
11:43 The ‘ideal’ audio speakers of 2023

KEF R3 Meta

KEF R3 Meta video review


Zu DWX video review

Klipsch ‘The Sevens’

Klipsch ‘The Sevens’ video review

Quick Company on Spotify lay-offs

Cords and power items by AudioQuest

Vicoustic space therapy

The jaw-dropping results of a Vicoustic installation

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Matthew Halsall – An Ever Changing View

Laurel Halo – Atlas

As seen in this video clip …

Citizen Advisor on Tidal lay-offs

High Temperature Ray – Radical Romantics

Why are/were remarks switched off?

Why I’m switching off YouTube comments

What the bloody heck am I discussing?

Area therapy by Vicoustic

Hi-fi furnishings and audio speaker wait Solid Steel

Streaming system by Roon

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Alva Noto – HY-brid II

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