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I Was Wrong! THIS is the audiophile amplifier EVERYONE wants (for home audio)

Heaven11 Billie Amp Mk2 (black):
Heaven11 Billie Amp Mk2 (silver):

Cost Effective Audiophile Amplifier under $2000 for audio speakers in your home is difficult ahead by however the Heaven11 Billie Amp Mk2 might simply be just one of the most effective under $2000 incorporated amp I have actually listened to.

Equipment Mentioned in this video clip:

Heven11 Billie Amp Mk1:
web link: No Longer Available

ANK Mentor Pre-Amplifier: TBD
web link:

Java HiFi Carbon:
web link:

Orchard Audio Starkrimson:
web link:

AGD Audions:
web link:

Audio speakers pointed out in this video clip:

Buchardt S400 Mk2:
web link:

Joseph Crowe No. 1680: Video Coming Soon
web link:

Audio speaker stands:
Better audio speaker stands:
acoustic panels I utilize:
acoustic drape:
BDI Cabinet I make use of:
various other BDI Cabinets:
my fav hifi fine-tunes: (Isoacoustics gadgets)

Acoustic Zen Crescendo Mk2:
web link:

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Symbol Bison Twin Towers:
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Closer Acoustic Forlane:
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0:00 Introducing The Billie Amp Mk2
5:47 Billie Amp Mk2 Sound Review
9:08 Billie Amp Mk2 VS GanFet Amplifiers

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