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It’s Finally Time…I Compared and Ranked The Most Popular Home Audiophile Speakers. (Bookshelf)

Audio speaker stands:
Better audio speaker stands:
acoustic panels I make use of:
acoustic drape:
BDI Cabinet I utilize:
various other BDI Cabinets:
my fav hifi fine-tunes: (Isoacoustics tools)

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Comply with soundstage take 2 testimonials:

Associated video clips:
CSS Audio 1TDX testimonial:
Buchardt S400 mk2 evaluation:
Sonus Faber Electa amator III evaluation:
PSB B600 Synchrony evaluation (soundstage take 2):

I Contrasted and also Rated The Very Best Modern House Audiophile Audio Speakers CSS Sound 1TDX, Buchardt S400 mk2, Sonus Faber Electa Amator and also PSB B600.

Acquisition web links (non-affiliated web links):.
Buchardt S400 mk 2:
CSS sound 1TDx (package):
CSS sound 1TDx (completely completed):
Sonus Faber Electa amator III: (car dealership just).
PSB B600 Synchrony:

0:00 Introducing the PSB B600.
4:22 Similarities as well as Overview.
8:29 Bass (Sound Comparison).
12:10 Midrange (Sound Comparison).
15:34 High Frequency (Sound Comparison).
18:52 Soundstage (Sound Comparison).
20:14 Imaging (Sound Comparison).
21:58 Tonality (Sound Comparison).
24:47 Ranking.

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