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Montreal 2024 Audio Show Highlights! Best of the show 😮

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my fav hifi modifies: (Isoacoustics gadgets)

Leading NEW 8 Loudspeakers at the Montreal sound program:

I went to the @montrealaudiofest5905 2024 and these are the leading 9 Premium Audiophile Loudspeakers and amplifiers for home sound that I discovered to be outstanding at the audio program in Montreal 2024.

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0:00 Montreal Audio Fest 2024
1:00 AudioNec & Thoress Audio
2:09 Galion, Perlisten & Java HiFi
3:45 Borresen Loudspeakers
4:55 Kii Audio Loudspeakers
6:02 Totem Loudspeakers
7:11 Magico & CH Precision
8:39 Monitor Audio Hyphn Loudspeakers & Rotel Audio
9:42 Audio Vector R8 Loudspeakers & Moon Audio
10:56 Wolf Von Langa Loudspeakers & Shindo Labs Tube Gear
12:04 Montreal Audio Fest 2024

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