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My Favourite High-End Audiophile DAC for HALF The Price. DIY KIT Using Insane Quality Parts! #diy

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Pre-built ANK 2.1 DAC:
Desire your set constructed my a specialist? Attempt calling (he constructed the device I evaluated.).
have an inquiry for the ANK? e-mail

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Sound Note 0.1 x Dac Review:
Sound Note Tonmeister Review:
Sound Note M2 + Vindicator Review:

#hifi #audiophile #homeaudio.

This may be the most effective inexpensive DAC. When it comes to musicality, I think Audio Note DACs to be one of the ideal R2R/tube DAC. What if I informed you that you can construct one comparable for half the rate?

Audio speaker stands:
Better audio speaker stands:
acoustic panels I make use of:
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BDI Cabinet I utilize:
various other BDI Cabinets:
my fav hifi modifies: (Isoacoustics gadgets)

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Tracks Used:.
AGE of the BEAR – Rainy Days.
Beauregard – Paper Planes accomplishment Thomas Ng.
Rex Banner – Human.
Obtain Burn by Tom Walker and over 1M + mainstream tracks right here