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NOT ALL Hi-Fi Tweaks are Snake Oil. This one really HELPED my Audio System! The GROUNDMASTER!

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Today I speak about a tweak for your HiFi System that can essentially conserve the day (if you have concerns like me, that took me years to repair and uncover) as it provided for me. This video clip has to do with the Puritan Audio Ground Master and Ground Master City which produces an all brand-new ground for your stereo, getting rid of sound, grunge, rubbish and waste from your lines.

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Nearly every modern-day electric thing is outfitted with a high regularity changing power supply which utilize their Earth link as a disposing ground for the disturbance they produce. With substations typically offering numerous residences, your HiFi Earth/Ground link might be attached to hundreds of Earth Line contaminating home appliances.

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Devoted Custom Guide Array
12 Individual Alternately Tuned Frequency Guides
Easy Installation
Eliminates Ground Noise Dead
Blacker Silence and Subtler Detail
Broadens and Deepens your 3-Dimensional Sound Stage
Unfailing, Stable Imaging

With the Puritan Ground Master (utilized along with an added Ground Rod), annoying sound and disruption regularities are recognized and transported via a reduced resistance course to ground, guaranteeing their removal.