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Secret Revealed! How The Totem Bison Twin Tower Speakers Sound HUGE (for Home Audio)

Emblem Bison Twin Towers:

Extra on Speakers included in this video clip:
Emblem people towers:
Symbol Metal v2:
Arendal 1723 THX:
Rosso Fiorentino Certaldo II:
MonAcoustic Supermon mini:

Finest matching amplifier/integrated amplifier for Bison Twin Towers:

Amplifier Recommendations:
Galion TSA75:
Adcom GFA 555se:

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My Reference Amplifiers:
NAT Transmitter Monoblock: (stopped).
AGD audion monoblock:

Symbol Bison Twin Tower High-End Audiophile Loudspeakers are just one of the most recent hifi audio speaker design from Totem for the very best home sound experience. Just how to do they contrast?

Audio speaker stands:
Better audio speaker stands:
acoustic panels I utilize:
acoustic drape:
BDI Cabinet I utilize:
various other BDI Cabinets:
my fav hifi fine-tunes: (Isoacoustics gadgets)

0:00 Totem Bison Twin Tower Review.
11:27 Intentional Peak? Vibration?
13:52 No Damping Material?
17:22 Best Amplifier for Totem Bison Twin Tower.

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