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Sony Made The BEST Audiophile Phone For High-Quality Audio – XPERIA 1 III

Sony Xperia 1 iii:

Sony has actually been the king of hi-res sound with Walkman in the past and also still is a big impact in the audiophile market with their hi-end audiophile items … This moment they brought that modern technology to their phones.

This video clip is funded by Sony

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0:00 Xperia 1 III Camera Quality
8:00 Xperia 1 III Screen Quality
10:37 Xperia 1 III Stereo Test Explanation
10:52 Xperia 1 III Sound Quality Demo
14:33 Xperia 1 III Home Audio System Sound Quality
17:28 Xperia 1 III Portable Hifi Sound Quality
21:41 Xperia 1 III Final Thoughts

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