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Still the BEST AV Preamp & Amp Combo? Marantz AV 10 & Amp 10 Review

► Read our Marantz AMP 10 Bench Test Report:

This is a long-lasting evaluation of the Marantz AV 10 15.4 CH AV Processor and 16CH Amp 10 combination. I review my experience making use of these amazing Marantz divides as the heart of my Perlisten/Paradigm/ JL Audio 5.2.4 living room home cinema system. I review functionality, dependability, audio high quality, area improvement results, upmixer contrasts in between the DSU and Auro 3D and far more.

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► Read our Marantz AV 10 Bench Test Report:

00:00 – Intro
01:06 – Family space system summary
01:56 – Subs and keys combination
02:16 – Strengths of the AV 10
03:23 – Room improvement ideas and effect on audio
04:21 – Any HDMI concerns?
04:45 – Do I have any type of issues?
05:25 – Overall advantages of the AV 10
06:08 – What regarding the Amp 10?
06:50 – How is it originating from the SR8015?
07:52 – Things do obtain a little bit cozy
08:18 – Overall efficiency …
08:37 – Upmixing offerings
09:17 – DSU and Center Spread
09:42 – Things to search for when purchasing a cpu
10:00 – Aesthetics of the Marantz AV 10 and Amp 10
10:46 – Get one of the most out of Audyssey
11:28 – In recap …

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