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Toronto Audiofest show report 2023

#hifi #audiophile #amplifier #stereo #Integrated amp #DAC #AUDIOFEST #AUDIOSHOW

Some of the systems mentioned in this video at the Toronto Audiofest

Atoll SDA 300 integrated amp
Dali speakers
NAD M23 M66
PSAUDIO FR20 speakers
Accuphase amplifiers
Hegel H600 integrated amplifier
Hegel Viking cd player
Magnepan 3.7i speakers
Fonical Flag L speakers
Goldnote preamp
Emotiva TA2, TA2 integrated amplifier
Emotiva T2+ speakers
Galion A20 poweramp
Galion TS34 tube integrated amp
XTZ M8 speakers
Toughnut isolation platform
YBA I350 integrated amp
Perreau 300ix integrated amp
Triangle Duetto speakers
Gershman blackswarm speakers
Oracle turntable
Eon art amplifier
Anthem STR
Wharfedale Doverdale speakers