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UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2023: My Picks….

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My choices from the 2023 UK Hi-Fi Show Live at Royal Ascot Racecourse, Berkshire, UK … This isn’t implied to be an extensive testimonial of the program yet to highlight a few of the systems I suched as or those that ignited my rate of interest therefore to offer those firms an opportunity as well as some airtime to clarify their items (specifically brand-new ones).

Disclosure: This video clip is a unsettled as well as unsponsored one and also is not monetised on YouTube as a result of the quantity of initial songs repeating behind-the-scenes which would certainly not experience the YouTube AI.

Video Clip Production Time: roughly 30 hrs (Visit as well as Travel, shooting and also modifying after the program by me, consisting of VFX).

Time Stamps:.
0:00 – Intro.
1:15 – PS Audio, Paul McGowan.
2:10 – Bruno Putzeys, Kii Audio – The brand-new Kii Seven actives.
3:35 – Premium T+A System jeopardizing Streamer/DAC & Power Amp with very own brand name audio speakers.
3:58 – Yamaha’s brand-new amp as well as audio speaker align.
5:25 – PMC brand-new Prodigy audio speakers.
5:36 – Simon Powell, Henley Audio – UK representatives of WiiM, Musical Fidelity, Pro-Ject, as well as HiFi Rose.
7:44 – Goldenear BRX actives.
7:57 – Anders Ertzeid, Marketing supervisor of Hegel Music Systems – Viking CD gamer and also H600 amp (dispersed by Auden circulation) with the Eggleston Works Emma Evolution Speakers.
10:25 – FrontRo Electrostatic Speakers – Tim Mellow, Mellow Acoustics.
10:56 – Totem Bison Speakers.
11:14 – Puritan Power conditioners/ cords.
12:07 – Kevin Wolff, CH Precision.
12:57 – Goodbye.

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